Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Celebration of Life

On January 3, Josh's uncle, John Lund, passed away of Glioblastoma (brain cancer). I was only able to meet him a few times but in just those meetings, I could feel what an amazing man he was. He was a great dad, husband, uncle...all of the above. The memory I will carry on with me of John is this: When we were all together in Nauavoo for the Whitmore family reunion this summer, I remember talking to John as we waited in line for the "Trail of Hope." I told him that we pray for him and think about him all the time. Without hesitation, he told me, "I pray for you guys too." I couldn't believe it. What a wonderful person, that in the midst of this awful illness, he was thinking about others. I seriously had to fight back the tears when he said that (as I am now typing this). I didn't want him to see me cry. This weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. For his funeral and celebrate a great life. I so wish I had known this man longer, but I am so privileged to have met him and have great interactions with him. 

The funeral was beautiful. His sister told great stories about the "California boy" she grew up with. His love for the water and having fun. It was neat to hear stories of his upbringing and his interactions with others. One of his friends spoke and talked of his love for their family, his service as a bishop, his patience in business meetings and so forth. His five daughters spoke, explaining the examples their dad set, the legacy he will leave behind and many stories of him. His passion for Animal Planet was a common theme :) These five girls were so strong and composed during their talks.  I enjoyed getting a glimpse into how their relationship was with their dad and all the fun, memorable times they had with him. 

After the funeral, we drove to the cemetery and following that, their ward had put together a luncheon for the family. During the luncheon, all of the cousins presented John's five daughters, Jordan, Melissa, Amanda, Brittany, and Courtney, with a picture of Christ hugging a little girl, which they had all signed the back, and had Georgetown Cupcakes delivered to their house. It was so sweet to see all these cousins join together to do something for these five girls. I appreciate the relationship ship the Whitmore cousins all have with each other. They are all so close. They are best friends. They pick upright where they left off the last time they see each other. And this showed me they have each other's back and support one another. Every single cousin was there (except Samantha, who is serving a mission) and every aunt and uncle was there from the Whitmore side. I was very impressed. 

Later that evening, we congregated at the Lund's home. We hung out, talked, and then the family presented the Lund's with a memory book that had several pictures and memory's throughout the years of John. It will be nice for Cindy and the girls to read through it and see how others remembered their dad. 

Cindy, Jordan, Dane, Adler, Melissa, Amanda, Brittany, and Courtney, we love you and are grateful we could come to commemorate your dad's life. He will always be remembered and missed but with the Gospel brings great hope and promise that we will all be reunited again. What a great family you are and we are so glad to have been part of this weekend.

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  1. You are so on the ball! I just finally got my post up. I was fretting all week about what to say, I just didn't want to say anything wrong. Let me know when you come to AZ!