Saturday, February 14, 2015

California Dreaming

If you follow me on Insta, you know I just spent a week on the west coast. And if I do say so myself, I'm ready to move back! Holy moly, the weather was to die for!! Don't get me wrong, I love living in Charlotte. I'm not trying to convince anyone otherwise, but come on, Orange County weather can't be beat! 

I went to CA for my cousin Skylar's wedding and to throw Tahnee a baby shower! It was a great week. Thank you to Cindy and Glen LeSueur for letting us all stay at your home. That was so nice and worked out perfectly! 

I arrived Monday night, February 2, after a long day of traveling (thanks east coast for your horrible weather) and my luggage being on a later flight. 

BUT Tuesday, everything was made right when we went to Disneyland and California Adventures all day! Of course we started the morning (actually, every morning) at the best donut shop in town. Donut World. My family has been going here for years and yes, the donut lady knows us all! 

We headed to the Happiest Place on Earth and it did not disappoint! Besides half the parks (including the castle) under construction and our recent trip to Disney World, it felt good to be home!! I will always love Disneyland and cherish our time as a family we spent there. Charlotte spent half her life there! 

We can't go to Disneyland without having Monte Cristos!

Grace's first time on Indian Jones

Charlotte was obsessed with this suitcase and rolling it around for 20 minutes in the store.  I held strong and didn't give in!  It was difficult!  It was just her size!

Wednesday we ran around Orange County with a stop at the Irvine Spectrum. Another place we went all the time! I loved meeting Josh for lunch there or just shopping with Charitte (oh the good ol' days of her sitting still in the stroller). We waved to the KPMG office and are at Pieology. I cracked up when I saw the ice skating rink! It was in the high 70's that day! 

Thursday we made an attempt to go to the beach. It was nice and warm in Mission Viejo. Down at Califia beach was a different story! I stayed in my coverup and wrapped up in a towel. We froze our buns off. Charlotte loved it though. Even if she did give me a heart attack when she fell in the ocean and couldn't get up!!! 

We called our good friend, Molly Allen, and she let us come lay out in her backyard while the girls played in the jacuzzi! Charitte had a blast. She is such a fish! Luckily she is starting swim lessons in two weeks!

The one souvenir I did give in too, matching shirts for her and her Bitty Baby!

That night, Tahnee and my dad drove in from Arizona, but we had already fell  asleep! 

Friday, we had lunch with my grandparents and aunt Robyn and turned over Charlotte and Gracee to them. They watched them while we attended Skylar and Alyssa's wedding and reception. It was a beautiful evening and so fun to be with the Neilson's! 

Saturday morning was Tahnee's baby shower. I put all the details on my party blog but nothing really about who came or any of the personal stuff.  Of course, I just deleted all the pictures of people, so I am going to have Tahnee resend them to me.  Sorry.  Your face will be up on the blog soon enough! It was so fun to, once again, see many of the Neilson's  and other friends we haven't seen (besides connecting on Facebook) for a while! Tahnee got a lot of fun baby girl gifts...tons of cute clothes! I can't believe all the fun baby stuff they have come out with just since I've had Charlotte! It's so crazy! I still can't believe I hauled most of the decorations across the country! I just have so much stuff that I wanted/needed to use! Thanks to my mom and Nicole for helping and Carrie Bench for reserving the venue for us! It seriously takes a village to pull something like this off so far away! 

The rest of the day we spent with my Grandma Sheila and aunt Robyn and then went over to Nicole's parents house. We got to see their new puppy and visit with the whole family. We love the Vin Zup's and the great friendship we have had with them over the years! Thanks Tahnee and Nicole for becoming friends in junior high! 

Sunday morning we headed out to Arizona so we could spend a couple days with Tahnee and Tyler. It was even warmer there! My body really does much better in warmer weather. My husband will tell you it's a "choice" but it's so true! We had a lot of fun shopping, eating, shopping, eating, AND laying out!! While we were there, Tahnee and Tyler bought their crib, bassinet and a few other baby necessities. It is fun watching them getting all the nursery items for baby Eunice! Oh whoops...did I spill the beans? 

We put Charlotte in clothes my grandma made for Tahnee.  She didn't want to take anymore pictures!!


Last Chance


I was really looking forward to go to a boutique I follow on Instagram and her blog, The TomKat Studio.  I was thrilled Tahnee drove me there.  Thanks!!  One day, I'll have a room in my home that looks like this haha. 

Charitte loved being there too. On Tuesday we went and hung out with Josh's cousin, Jess and her little ones. We went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and just gabbed! Of course I only got one's hard when you have kids to watch and time flys, you realize no pictures are taken :( We love Jess and Trent! I wish we lived closer to them! 

Can you even tell Tahnee is pregnant?  She looks amazing!

Sleeping at DownEast Home

Tuesday we took the red-eye home. It was horrible but you fly on whatever your points/miles will give you.  She was awake the whole time from Phoenix to Atlanta.  Literally, as we were landing in Atlanta, she fell asleep.  She stayed asleep as I transferred her to her stroller, our flight to Charlotte, in the carseat and once we got home.  She slept until 3:30 in the afternoon!!  Every day since, she has slept in until 9:30 am.  Jet lag??

Lovin' on her Bitty Baby!

On the flight to Charlotte

We had a great time out west but after these long flights, I have no desire to get back on a plane anytime soon!  Hopefully this summer we will get back out to Utah for some July festivities!! 

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