Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day at the Zoo

Our state zoo is in Asheboro and today I made the drive up there! We met up with our friends, Jess and her two girls. Later on, Jess's cousin-in-law joined us with her two boys. It was a hot day and the whole zoo is built throughout
 the Uwharrie Mountains. I basically felt like I was on a hike. If I go back, I'm wearing workout clothes! We went to the "Africa" part and never quite made it to "North America." We saw giraffes, elephants, gorillas, an ostrich, lions, rhinos, birds of all kinds including flamingos, and maybe some more. Charlotte also took the fall of a lifetime, like seriously, I don't think I've ever fallen that bad! She was running downhill, fell and then rolled. It was definitely a fall that needed some comfort. She got a huge scrape on her knee, which luckily I had band aids and Jess had some healing ointment. It's great going places with other moms, you join forces and everything works out! We even traded kids at one point, I held her 11 month old and Charlotte sat in the double stroller with her other daughter, Serenity! Now I need to go back with Josh, let him push the stroller, and make it to NA ;) 

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