Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pinterest Party

Last night I threw my first official Pinterest party at MY house!  I have been to them and threw one in Utah at Meg's condo, but I've never had one at my own place.  That was half the excitement.  I could set up in my own time, not having to rush somewhere to set up.  (It made me excited for Charlotte's second birthday party!) 

Charlotte trying to get the sweets...
Smart girl! 

My craft: three mason jars displaying different purposes
1.) vase
2.) Visiting Teaching goodie (jar full of candy with message tied to it)
3.) Utensil caddy (no utencils displayed)

I was expecting this just to be a ladies night out for some good convo and good food...and that's what it was!  There were five of us which I think is a great amount for normal conversations and getting to know each other a little more.  I hope the other girls had fun and I look forward to throwing more parties in the near future.  If you are interested in coming, PLEASE let me know, seriously.  I'm still getting to know people and their style, therefore, still getting to know who would be interested in coming!

Yummy treats and impressive crafts
Forgot to get a picture of Courtney right before she left.
Jackie and Becky
Becky with her hand-made Mermaid doll (made by Tiffany)
The craft that I got to keep!  Made by Jackie.  Eggs wrapped in jute.  Loved it and put it on the shelf immediately.  

Party tip: When throwing a party, use things around your house that you already have.  Instead of purchasing paper plates, cups and napkins, I used my own salad plates, paper towels, and water bottles (since I had a ton).  I have saved all the candy dishes from my wedding reception, which is what I used for the candy jar last night.  All my mason jars I used are Alfredo sauce jars I have saved for things just like this!  The only thing I purchased for the whole party was the candy (which I will use for Easter) and the fresh flowers in the jar I gave away!

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