Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Nine o'clock church is rough on days like today.  I wake up way before anyone else does every Sunday, and make sure I'm ready to walk out the door before anyone wakes up.  I had so much to get ready for nursery and our party after church, that I planned ahead and did most yesterday!  But Easter baskets cannot be done in the small amount of time we do have, so the Easter Bunny came during church!  

After opening Easter baskets, I set up for our little party we had.

This Easter was a bit different than all the rest...we were by ourselves.  Something I never really thought about before moving were all the holidays (besides Thanksgiving and Christmas) and who we would be spending the day with.  I got the bright idea to invite over a couple families that have young kids and whose families live further away as well; get together for some good food, company and an egg hunt!  All were successful!  It was a lot of fun having our friends over.  The kids enjoyed playing in Charlotte's room, while the adults enjoyed great conversation and got to know each other better and played a game.  Thanks for coming over and having a great Easter with us.  We hope you come back for more celebrations!  (And our fence is being put up this week!!!!!)

See...I was there! 

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