Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peanut Butter and the Reaction

No it's not a band name but its what happened today! You're not supposed to give babies peanut butter until one year old; we all know this. My theory, kids are having allergic reactions because they aren't being exposed to foods early enough. My plan was to take PB to her year check-up, so if something did happen, the doctor would be right there. Well, today we went up to Balboa Island and while I was eating my PB sandwich (yes, not PB&J), I decided to give Charlotte some because I wasn't alone. Melissa would save us!! I started on her hand...nothing! Side of the outside of her mouth...nothing! Then I just gave her some...SUCCESS! This is momentous if you ask me! I'm so grateful she has had no allergic reactions to ANYTHING so far!

Other pictures from this morning on the Island...