Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Skinner

You may start to become quite familiar with the people in my blog posts.  Ever since Melissa moved back, we are getting together with everyone quite often.  Oh Melissa, always bringing people together!!
Tuesday, we decided to go out to Temecula and join everyone at Lake Skinner.  There was this huge splash park there and knew the kids would have a blast.  Well, we were right.  They loved it! Charlotte was in HEAVEN!  She just crawled around, got soaking wet and loved every minute.  Luckily, she took a little cat nap at the park!  The last two days (Monday and Tuesday), she has only had a bottle in the morning and one right before bed, so I thought for sure she wouldn't fall asleep.  So glad she did!  It's so crazy she is eating real foods and drinking from her sippy cup.  She is such a big girl!!  Thanks for inviting us out to the splash pad.  We loved it!  What's our next outing going to be??

Sorry Melissa, I never got a picture of you and Brady!! But I didn't get a picture of myself and Charlotte :)

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