Thursday, August 8, 2013

11 Months Old

Yes, this is a day late, but Charlotte turned 11 months yesterday!  Can't believe she is getting closer to being ONE!  She is getting so big and has quite the personality.  She knows what things to do to make Josh and I laugh.  She makes silly faces, funny noises with her mouth, and is a chatter box (wonder who she gets that from)
She has eight teeth, so her smile is such a sight!  She eats anything and everything we give her.  She gives everything a try, at least, and after a couple bites she knows if she likes it or not.  She is also drinking out of sippy cups wonderfully!  I am down to one bottle of formula a day.  The weening happened a lot sooner than I thought.  Soon as I finish the last can of formula, I'm not buying anymore.  She is getting more used to whole milk, water, and orange juice.  At meal times, I try to give her a variety of foods.  I have a couple food theories that I will most likely blog about later.  
She is crawling all over the place, but no interest in walking yet.  She is still pulling herself up on the furniture and walking along that, but nothing on her own.  I try and help her holding her hands, but she just plops down.  She is pulling stuff off shelves and our home is not very child friendly, but we don't have much space to move things around.  I am trying to get her into dolls and a couple stuffed animals.  As long as I'm around, she will play with them well.  I see many years ahead playing house :)  
This last week, she switched over to a front-facing car seat and she is loving it.  She can see us and feel the air...she is in heaven.  I know several people don't agree with that, but that is the beauty of having our own opinions and families...we all know what is best for our children :)  And I also introduced her to Peanut Butter, with no reaction to follow.  Yippee!!  She has had a few PB&J's.  I love it.  
She is such a great baby girl and I love learning new things about her and parenting everyday.  I always tell people, being a parent is so much better than I ever anticipated!  There is not one day that goes by that I can't think of my life without Charlotte.  


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