Monday, August 5, 2013

Not a Fairy Tale

As most of you know, our weekly tradition is to go to Disneyland.  They recently built a new place where you meet the princesses.  There is always a really long line to meet the princesses and I have always refused to wait in line with Charlotte because she doesn't know better.  Although on Saturday, the line was ten minutes and Josh and I really wanted to see the inside of what they built.  We got inside, stood by Cinderella, and Charlotte was totally freaked out!  She went balistic and was clenching onto me for dear life!!  Each princess it just got worse.  She didn't want to look at them, let alone have them talk or touch her!  Josh and I were cracking up.  We had never seen her act like this. 

 We decided to go on some rides and that made her happy again.  I am just going to say, it will be a while longer before we attempt the Princess meeting again!


  1. that's hilarious! I wonder what freaked her out so much! If only she could say what was on her mind haha