Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Josh and I have been so busy everyday lately, since graduation it feels like.  We haven't had too many relaxing days (besides the cruise).  Tomorrow I am very much looking forward too.  We have planned on going to Park City.  We love this place.  Not only was it where Josh and I went a few times while we were dating AND it's where Josh proposed to me, but it feels like you are on a little vacation.  It gets us out of the hub-bub of Provo, everything is much slower pace, it's very quaint and chic.  I love Park City.  I think I will actually miss it when we move.  I don't think we have been in several months, but if we went ALL the time, it wouldn't be as special.  I'm also looking forward to tomorrow because we are going to hit some sales and get some baby clothes!!  I'm still trying to talk Josh into going on the Alpine Slide.  I did it when I was younger and probably shouldn't do it pregnant, but he really needs to do it.  Don't you think?


  1. Oh my, my, my!!! I REALLY hope you guys come at Thanksgiving!!! That is the PERFECT time to come!! And then we can meet little miss Chiquita!!

  2. I really love Park City too. I agree - it feels like a mini vacation, even though you are so close to home. It's just nice to get out and away sometimes! Especially after multiple busy weeks. I hope you had fun and found some great baby sales!

  3. Oh, and where are you guys moving to?? Did I miss that in one of your posts??