Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gift of Cruising

For graduation, my parents took Josh and I and Tahnee and Tyler on a Mexican Riviera cruise.  It was much needed and very relaxing.  Unfortunately my feet were swollen the majority of the time and being pregnant I needed to avoid hot tubs and excessive amounts of heat, stay hydrated and not do anything too crazy.  I drank a ton of water and had a million frozen yogurt cones (the unlimited ice cream/frozen yogurt machines were a hit).  I'll be the first to admit I ate a ton!  Well, everyone did.  But I don't think it really affected my weight so that's good :)  We were also on the Spa level which means we got full use of all the spa facilities and two free classes in the gym.  One morning I did a Pilates class and it was great.  Although I couldn't do the stuff on my belly (I would just do my own stuff), I still was able to do most of it.  It felt great.  The spa also had these different steam and relaxation rooms which we spent time in and a therapy hot tub (I sat on the first step so my belly didn't get hot).  Seriously, everyone was obsessed with this wonderful feature.  We all wore our robes and slippers to the spa and sometimes even to eat.  We felt important ;)  I'll just post some pictures so you can see what things we did. 

Day 2: Josh, Tahnee, my parents and I ended up going to this gorgeous resort all day.  We had a $100 voucher for food and swam all day.  We ate the most delicious food.  It was a very relaxing day.  I wish we would have gone here the next day too.

 Day 3: Josh and my dad went jet skiing, Tahnee and my mom went parasailing.  Then a big group went on the Banana Boat.

Our ship

 What we came to each day. 
 Day 4: We all went on an excursion that, well, wasn't ideal for Josh and I.  We took a 40 minute boat ride to snorkel (not the greatest snorkeling), Josh got super sick, I had to be really careful getting on and off the boat and this was the day my feet looked like I put on a fat suit.  After snorkeling, we went to a beach where everyone (but us) went on a hike, then to another beach and ate lunch.  Then the ride back to the cruise ship.  It was not our ideal day, but it was an adventure.  Poor Josh was not feeling well.  I had no idea he got so sea sick!

 Sammy, our tour guide.
 Yeah, I know...not attractive...but whatever.  The stripes were not working in my favor :)

 Mom's birthday celebration
 The whole group!

 My dad volunteered to go on a love/couple's game show.  He got up there and then didn't want to do it anymore haha!

We also went to Disneyland before the cruise....
 And after the cruise...two days before our passes expired :(

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