Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First BIG Baby Purchase

I just bought my stroller and I couldn't be more thrilled!!  What did I get?  The Britax B-Agile.  I have gone to Babies R Us and srolled it around and over the weekend I took Josh to test it out.  We both love everything about it.  Well, I wouldn't actually say Josh "loves" any stroller, but he was sold for sure after he talked to the salesman.  Such an easy sale ;) 

Isn't it a beauty?  I can't wait to put little Chiquita in it!!  I love all the features...everything about it.  And boy, did I do my research.  I am just so excited.  I'm having a CHILD!!  This is becoming more real!


  1. Oh that really is exciting!!! I've heard such good things about that stroller! Now you just need the car seat ;)

  2. 200 bucks down only 250 grand left! Start spending! I saw on the news that kids cost $250,000 on average now a days as opposed to the $100,000 when we were growing up : )

  3. Congrats! Doing your research is always good! You'll be able to put her in it soon!!