Friday, September 17, 2010

He Joined the Club

The 25 year old club that is!!! Josh had his birthday yesterday and what a fun day it was! Unfortunately, the older you get, you cannot really enjoy the WHOLE day, but around 3:30 Josh finally got home from class and we were able to finally celebrate.

He came home to this...
When he walked in the door I exclaimed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I gave my husband a big kiss and bigger hug (like I do everyday when he walks through the door), but this time it was different because there were PRESENTS to open and a great MEAL to eat. Of course when I asked Josh what he wanted to do, eat or open gifts first, he quickly said open presents! Side note: Josh's family LOVES presents. When I went to his house last Christmas, I arrived at about midnight to his house. His mom stayed up to meet me and asked if I wanted to open presents then or in the morning. Then in the morning, I met his sister Rachel, and she asked pretty quickly, are you going to open presents? I got the impression that they all love this. So I totally know where Josh gets it! I sat Josh down on the couch and he started reading his cards and opening gifts.
LOST Seasons 1-6
NFL Madden
(Yes, I caved and bought him a video game)
GAP Jeans

Then we ate a delicious meal (didn't get any pictures...sad day) that I made (not to brag or anything) with the help of Eve, Josh's mom, and her time in sending me the recipe for one of Josh's favorite meals...Hawaiian Haystacks. I think Josh was pretty surprised and right when I told him he asked me, "did you get the recipe for my mom?" Haha he probably wanted me to make it just right. It tasted delicious!! THEN I told him one more little surprise...
An ice cream cake
Haha lighting his own candles
I sang "Happy Birthday"

Of course it's mint...his favorite.

Later that night we went to an eventful Accounting social. It was pretty fun...lots of desserts! They sent all the spouses into a room for question and answer time. That was nice to kind of have a more casual setting and ask whatever we wanted too. Overall, it was a good day. I love birthdays and can't wait for next year!!!!


  1. I love that you sang "Happy Birthday" to him by yourself :) How cute!

  2. Hey, in my defense about the "opening presents" comment- we were all excited to see what Josh got you because we didn't know! And yes, we do love giving each other gifts, too! You sure know how to celebrate like a Whitmore. Josh is a lucky guy! Happy Birthday, Joshy Washy!

  3. Great job wifey! The cake made my mouth water!

  4. I love that Josh is modeling his presents!! You are such a cute little wifey!!