Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new, new, new

obviously i have a lot of activity right now online. i have a lot of spare time at work and, finally, to myself! this is the start of a new...year? some new things going on...

  • new school year
  • new commitment to plan and grocery shop for at least the next two weeks (done and done)
  • new blog title (really...are you shocked? don't be fooled by the period on our tab)
  • new building at uvu where all my classes are going to be
  • new habits to form (no excessive shopping, hardly eating out, save money to the best of our ability)
  • (no) new job for josh...he got his previous job back (hooray!)
  • new obsession of pinterest
  • new career choices i am exploring
  • new job josh has to look forward to starting next year

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