Monday, August 22, 2011

one thing after another

this weekend was very unexpected. first of all, meg (josh's younger sister) has been staying with us while she waits to move into the enclave (yep, where me and tahnee met our husbands); so that is why she is in this entire blog post :)

friday night, we all decided to go to the utah county fair. Let's just say, it was no orange county fair. It had about ten food vendors all in a u-shape, a singing competition, enough rides to count on one hand, and a rodeo type of event going on (we didn't have tickets too). let's just say, it was a free fair. meg and i shared a funnel cake (that's all I wanted to get that night). so we order our funnel cake and then we saw someone else who ordered it with strawberries and whipped cream. we handed the cashier $2 more and tell him to put the same on ours. we were so excited to eat this, until we took the first bite and the fantasy ended real quick. the strawberries were disgusting, smashed and squishy. there was juice all over making the funnel cake very soggy. it was so unappetizing. after that, the fair really wasn't even exciting anymore. we walked around a little and then went home. hopefully, the utah state fair will be a lot better! while we were at the fair, our cousin-in-law, shelby called and said that her and her husband, thane (josh's cousin) were bored and wanted to come to utah. they asked to stay at our place and of course said yes. when we got home from the fair, i fell asleep and woke up at midnight when they arrived. we were up til 3 am talking. i can't remember the last time I did that!! meg, shelby, and i had agreed we wanted to get a massage at the local massage school the next morning. 5 hours until wake up time...

i wake everyone up at 8:00 and we head out to lindon for a $12.50-hour-long-massage. i had seen on their facebook page that this weekend was the 2-for-1. we were so excited to get there. we got there and it was pretty empty (unusual) and asked if they're having the deal that day. they said that the post on fb was july 19, not august 19. ugh!! what a bust! me and meg, not having worked all summer, had to decline the normal price of $25. boo :( sorry shelby. once we got home, we talked til 1:00 in the afternoon. i had so much to do and tried cleaning while still socializing with everyone. later that afternoon, we went up to draper to help jordan (josh's other cousin) with a wedding reception she helped decorate. wow, was it eventful! it was so hot outside, we got everything up and ready, and all of a sudden a storm came in. everyone was running like crazy grabbing all the decorations, linens, vases, etc. it started down pouring and the family kept saying, it will blow over and we can take everything back outside. are you insane?? it rained the entire time i was there! jordan handled everything so well and was so calm. she wants to go into the wedding planning business and i think will do a great job at it. that night we decided to hang out once the reception was over, but by that time, we had left and i was asleep (big surprise) when everyone came over. it was late and everyone went their separate ways.

sunday, i made chocolate chip pancakes and thane and shelby left for rexburg. we went to church (at 1:40) and we were so bored haha. this is the first time we have been to church since we left ca. in rs, i held a baby. loved it. sacrament, we kept talking about how we missed the twins. i was so squirmy and didn't know what to do with myself. it seemed that church was five hours! while we were in ca this summer, i kept saying how i don't want kids, blah, blah, blah. josh predicted soon as we got back to our ward, i'd get baby hungry. well, he was right (as much as I hate to admit it). however, we will not be getting off birth control anytime soon, I am feelin' the itch. last night, we skyped with the twins. oh man, we miss them so much. i keep telling my mom to put them on a plane, but nothing will persuade her ;)

that was our eventful weekend (sorry there are no pictures). tonight...dinner at the olive garden for a friends birthday and helping meg move into her new apartment (which is the same apartment I lived in...#216).

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