Friday, August 19, 2011


no, i'm not talking about the one that nelly and kelly rowland had. i'm talking about what i want to do in the path. my major is community health. i love it. i get excited to go to school everyday (which has never happened before). i love the things i am learning and how applicable they are to my own self and for raising a family. but, is that what i want to pursue as a career? i don't know. i told josh, in a recent conversation, that i love being an administrative assistant. it's where i feel so comfortable, it's easy, and i don't mind the office setting. although it is mindless at times and i will be qualified to do so much more, i still find myself really enjoying that setting. so i have thought of other things that are along those lines but a step up, something to challenge me a little and something new. human resources. are there any thoughts? are there cons that i should be aware of? i would love to have a little job at the gap, anthro, or j. crew, simply for discounts, but when it comes to making money, i need something a bit more advanced. if there are other suggestions, feel free to let me know :)

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  1. You could think about teaching it. Become secondary endorsed and teach health in jr/ sr high schools. Or you could think about becoming a counselor and working to educate people in various programs. Just ideas--probably not the greatest but maybe you will think of more. :)