Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warm Nights in Utah

Every night I am so cold I can't even stand it. I have talked about buying an electric blanket for months now that I finally splurged and did it. Man, are they expensive. I bought one at Target for $74.99...but I justified it because I found a $40 Target gift card from our wedding recently. Can I just say, why didn't I do this sooner? I am sleeping so well and am perfectly warm. Everyone needs to invest in one of these suckers. Josh got a little too hot the first night, but not me. I turned it on while I was getting ready for bed so it warmed everything up. Usually I take my blow dryer to bed (yes, I got that from my mother) and/or take a shower to warm up every night. But now, no more blow dryer! Any way, just thought I'd post!

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  1. ha! I have never heard this idea of taking a blow dryer to bed until I saw it on a show the other night where a lady was addicted to it. She kept waking up because she was burning herself! Sounds like you guys need to move to Cali!