Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank You Martin Luther King, Jr.

This was a long weekend...hip hip hooray! Josh hardly had any homework and I didn't have any so we got to play the whole weekend and relax. Saturday we had a super date! We started our day with breakfast at the Cracker Barrell in Spanish Fork. Afterward, we came home to get ready for the gym. Well we got back in our warm bed and I fell asleep (go figure). So Josh went to the gym without me. I have been super tired lately and ended up sleeping for three hours! I better get that checked out. When he came home we got ready and went to the Temple. I love that it is seriously a five minute drive from our place. We did sealings and it was such a neat experience. When we got home we decided against bowling and went to the mall to return some stuff. On our way home, we red boxed "Dinner with the Shmucks." It was a very awkward, stressful movie. I don't recommend it. Regardless of what we did that day, it was so nice to be with Josh the whole day. No work, homework, didn't have to plan a Sunday school lesson, it was great! The next day, Josh slept til about 10:30/11. I didn't care, I was cleaning and made myself french toast. Then we got ready and went to church. The "big game" was on so when church was over, I had a little visiting teaching meeting. Josh got the keys from me and turned on sports radio in the car. haha. That night we had Filet Mignon. It was delicious! (Two steaks at Wal Mart for $5) Skyped with my family and then went to Tahnee and Tyler's. Trevor and Michelle were there as well and we ate ice cream and brownies, played Battle of the Sexes and watched the Fugitive. Four hours later, we headed home. Yesterday, we had been invited over for breakfast to our friends place, which was delicious. Then Josh ran to work for a few hours. I cleaned, did laundry, ran errands. When Josh got home, we met up with Tahnee, Tyler, Trevor, and Michelle at Trafalga Lehi to do Laser Tag. Let's just say, good thing we got hooked up and played for free. It was an absolute zoo there! But still fun of course. Last night as we were watching TV and unwinding from the day, there was an interview with Oprah and Piers Morgan. He told her that it is Martin Luther King Day and brought up the fact that two of the most powerful people are black. I started to think about that and how, despite everyone's opinions and the negative aspect of our country, we, as a people, have come really far. I am sure that back when my parents were young, if you had told someone you would have a black president they would probably have laughed. Yet look at our country. Also, I would not have four of my siblings without Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream, his courage, and bravery to stand up for what he believed in. There were lots of things about him on TV last night and it was nice to reflect on what he did for this country. I just want to say, Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Ah, The Fugitive. One of my favorite movies because...well...Harrison Ford is in it!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I had to work Sunday and Monday! Boo! : /