Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Santa Claus Came to Town

Man, I am really slacking on my blogging responsibilities. Let me first update you on what Josh and I did over the Christmas break. December 18, we left for Connecticut. Our flight went really smoothly and we arrived at about 7:00 pm (east coast time). Basically to sum up our trip, we ate, sat, ate more, went to the mall, ate, then had a huge dinner, ate dessert, played Nerts, watched Parenthood while we ate more. Yes, this is pretty much what everyday consisted of. Heaven, right? Yes. On Christmas Eve, Josh and I had the chance to go to New York City (one-hour train ride away) and see the Radio City Rockettes. It was amazing!!! Josh's family saw the performance on his mission and he was only family member that hasn't seen it, so his parents sent the two of us. When we first got to NYC, we walked around for a couple hours. It wasn't as crazy as it was last year when we went Dec. 30. There were still lots of people out shopping though. We walked to Times Square for a little bit, trying to stay in doors because of the freezing cold. Then we ventured back to Fifth Avenue...yes, SAKS Fifth Avenue. We did a lot of window shopping and then went in a few stores. If you have ever been that way, you know there is not a whole lot of dining venues. So we found the place we ate at last year, Prime Burger, grabbed a burger, and were on our way. When we arrived to the Radio City Music Hall, the line moved very quickly and we were in! It was a winter wonderland inside. Every inch was decorated for Christmas. We took our seats and the show started. It was the perfect amount of time (hour and a half) and very entertaining. Afterward, we looked up the train time back to CT. It was in like twenty minutes (maybe fifteen). Just my luck! We started booking it to Grand Central Station. Due to the running and cold air, I was clearly having a hard time. I could barely breathe, but we needed to get to the train or wait another half hour. And we wanted to be home in time for dinner. We made it with just a couple minutes to spare! Phew! It was such a fun day. Any day in the city is. I keep telling Josh I want to go in the summer. Every time I have been to NYC it has been cold or rainy. Ok, more about the trip...The next day was Christmas. We must have been good this past year. Josh got me the Fossil bag I have been wanting and surprised me with a COACH cover for my phone. Josh's parents got me a lot of jewelry (I never have to buy any more the rest of my life), things from Spain, and other great gifts. Thank you! Meg drew my name this year and got me a pair of Sorel boots!! I love them. Josh got some clothes (from me), Inception (he is obsessed with it), gift cards and more. And of course my parents treated us well too. I got COACH flats from my mom!! Josh's family opens gifts at night. I was very anxious all day, but I think I will adopt that tradition. It gave us all something to look forward too. The next day was Sunday and the East Coast storm hit. Church was canceled. Eve got us hooked on Parenthood. It's a primetime TV show on NBC (?). It is all about a family that deals with real problems and real issues. Josh and I both like it (me a little more). One night we watched like three (hour-long) episodes in a row. It was really nice to spend time with Josh's family. We always see my family and it meant a lot to him that we spend the whole Christmas break in CT. Everyone was there and it was just an all around great two weeks.

Getting back from the trip, I was afraid that I had gained a lot of weight. I don't think any of you will understand how much we ate...seriously. Well the next day we got home, we were back to the gym. After working out I stepped on the scale and sure enough it was seven pounds more than what I weighed before the holidays. I actually started laughing. Then I went to UVU's Wellness center, where I had originally weighed myself, and it was only two pounds more. What a relief! I have been watching what I eat and working out. Josh says he can already tell a difference! It was well worth it over the break, but it's back to reality.

Since I have been back, I have been cooking a new meal for dinner. I am actually enjoying it. I never thought I would say that. Of course, I like the simple dishes, but still it's always different and I am getting the hang of it. Josh is enjoying them too and that's really what matters. Wednesday nights I have a class from 5:00-7:30, so those nights, Josh is cooking!! Last week it was turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. Sounds good, huh? Wonder what it will be tonight?? I am so glad that Josh and I understand we are both in school, both working 20 hour weeks, and that we need to help each other out.

My poor mom is still in the hospital. We need to get her everyone pray for her!! Those babies need their mom home. I totally know what she is going through and it's no fun. I just want to tell everyone that has helped my family, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I feel really bad that I can't be there to help out. It's so nice to be surrounded by family and friends like my family has always been. Good luck Mom! You'll pull through this fast enough!! We love you and are rooting for you :)

Not much else has been going on. Just getting back into school, work, and the normal daily routine. This semester is going to be more tough than the past, but I'll come out on top ;) Josh and I really want this cold weather to pass on. The snow is not fun and it physically hurts to go from our front door to our car.

I will try to be better about blogging in the new year. Hope everyone had a great holiday season and have a wonderful 2011!

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  1. Woot! Happy New Year to you! I'm glad you had so much fun in CT! And I totally know how you feel about the whole "ate and ate and ate" thing. I gained 6 pounds on the AK cruise : ) That's what happens when you don't exercise and eat tons of junk food for two weeks! But it's all good! So which purse did Josh end up getting you?