Friday, July 21, 2017

Residency Graduation

This weekend, my brother-in-law graduated from his Army residency.  He has been stationed in Fort Benning, GA for the past year.  It has been so great to have them close by (two hours south).  I was so excited when they found out they were moving to Georgia.  It is all coming to an end, but we have taken advantage of the last year, for sure!!

I went down yesterday to hang out with Tahnee and the kids and then babysit while they went to the residency dinner/roast.  Having a free sitter, they went to the movies after!  I am obsessed with Eleanor and Andrew, so I love any time I get to be with them!


This morning we got ready and headed over to the Infantry chapel for the ceremony.  Tyler received his service ribbon (worn on his uniform).  I don't know why it was so emotional for me.  I guess I kept thinking of all the sacrifices that Army families must give.  There is so much work and sacrifice from those in the service and from their families.  I have had a teeny tiny glimpse into what Army life is like through the Gregory's.  Tyler has worked so hard and Tahnee has been such a supportive wife.  I'm so proud of them and what they have accomplished.  It was really great to be apart of this ceremony today.  

Tyler receiving his service ribbon.
All eight graduates

Families with the graduates

The girls

Hadley and Eleanor's daddy's went to A.T. Sill Dental school and were both stationed in Fort Benning.  We love the Evans family and will be sad to see them leave as well!

The kiddos were great throughout the ceremony.  Except Andrew was so startled every time we had to clap.

Afterward, they had a reception with food for everyone that came.  It was really nice.  And the residents cut the cake with a legit sword.  I was in shock!  It was a really nice day and so glad I could be apart of it!

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