Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

I really like spending holidays on the actual day. Whatever the occasion, I don't do well when I have to spend it on a different day. It's not the same. Josh knows this and is very aware and always makes sure things are spent in the corrxt day.  I loved that Valentine's was on a Saturday. All day!!

I woke up first, of course! And got Charlotte and Josh's presents ready. 

All of Charlotte's gifts came from Target...big surprise?

Everyday, Josh and I watch the Ellen Show.  She is always talking about her underwear, so I thought this was an appropriate time to purchase it ;)  It's more of a souvenir of the show then anything!  I also thought I found lemon Hi-Chews during my trip to CA.  He said they weren't the same, but he ate the whole package in one sitting.  I don't think it disappointed!  And the trail mix...cute, huh?  Target!

They finally woke up, we ate breakfast and then opened the gifts!! (Josh was not appropriately dressed for pictures. Coincidence? I think not!) 

Before we left to drop Charlotte off at the Nyborg's, I had to take pictures of her in her festive outfit! It's sad that all of our scenery is dead, but whatever!

We enjoyed a great lunch at California Pizza Kitchen...Yep, pretty creative over here! But it's so good and the last time we went was last Valentine's Day! They were having a two-fer deal for $32! How could we pass that up? Their red velvet cake is amazing too! We thought going for lunch we would beat the crowds, boy were we wrong!! It was packed but we still didn't have to wait long! 

We didn't really like the picture from the restaurant, so we asked Charlotte to take one of us once we got home. She did a great job!  She is very into taking a million pictures with our phones. It's pretty funny what I find in my camera roll!

Josh finally gave me my present. I was getting a little worried I wasn't getting my apple. A while ago, I told Josh any holiday that involved flowers, get me a Rocky Mountain apple instead. The one in our mall closed, but surprisingly enough, he found another one in Charlotte! Sometimes he does surprise me :)  The rest of my gift was in my last post...a trip to California and Disneyland :)

Later in the evening, we drove out to our dollar theater and saw, "Big Hero 6." I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! Charlotte did great, with only one bathroom break toward the end. Josh took her so I wouldn't miss anything (since he's already seen it). 

It was a nice, relaxing day and I wish it were on Saturday every year! I know I don't show it enough or express it enough to Josh, but I love you so much and appreciate everything you do for Charlotte and I. Going out of town made me miss you so much and I'm glad we are back under the same roof! Thanks for being the man of my dreams and always taking care of me. 

I love you! 

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

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