Thursday, November 20, 2014

Family Pictures

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions is that of Christmas cards.  Growing up, I loved receiving them from friends and family, looking at the pictures, reading the letters (which most people don't do anymore) and then my mom would put them in a book.  I, too, have saved every Christmas card (and baby/wedding announcement) I have received since getting married.  And since we have been married, we have sent a Christmas card out.  I am so glad we started right away because each year is documented.  It is more fun with a kid though!

This year, we used a local photographer who goes to our church.  We met when she bought a rug from us :)  She was great and I love the finished product.  We took them down at Lake Wylie, where we love to go regularly.  I think it's beautiful with all the leaves and the water.  Fun fact: it also is the state line between NC and SC (one of the many right around us...we live in some kind of weird corner where there are like three different state lines I cross every week).  Of course, there needs to be a little surprise for when that picture arrives in your mailbox, so I'll keep that one a secret. Here are a few that I loved!   

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!  

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  1. Great photos Tiersh and Josh. How do you like NC autumns?