Sunday, September 7, 2014


I remember opening up presents at Charlotte's baby shower that were 2T and thinking, "she will never fit into this!" or "it's going to be such a long time before she is that size!" I'm here to tell you that the day has arrived...and it came quickly!

Charlotte was born at 1:50 PM two years ago today and her whole life has been documented on my iPhone and posted on this blog. From day one, I have called Charlotte my BFF. We have done everything together from Disneyland (98 times) to lunch dates to setting up two homes. She was the PERFECT baby.

Then about 18 months hit and I have no clue what happened! Most mothers can identify with this stage...the EARLY "terribe two's." Taking her to Target and going out to eat became a chore/nightmare, going to church seemed pointless, and all other normal and routine things were dreaded instead of looked forward too. BUT, I still did them all! Life couldn't just stop and I couldn't just sit in my house ALL THE TIME! All these things still continue but I have learned to run one errand at a time (or at least really plan out my day) where I am going to one location and then coming back home. Running errands are better in the morning too. There are days here and there, where she surprises me and is so good. But then I think she has turned a new leaf and it's back to the craziness!

One big parenting mistake I have already made and fully admit to, was taking her out of the crib when she wasn't ready. I thought she would be great and transition well. WRONG! much to our surprise, she continues to have a hard time going to bed. I've let her take naps in my room, since those don't last long anyway, but she has got to learn how to fall asleep in her bed. She loves being read to at night (and it's really the only time we can get her full attention). This bed transition has led to early mornings, when before she would sleep until 9 or 10, and her crawling into bed with us (which I actually love). When we first took the crib away and would lay down with her at night, she would wrap her arm around our neck to make sure whoever was there wouldn't leave. Or she would rub our face. Oh I loved those nights! I love being the one that she trusts. There is no greater feeling than being a mother. And bedtime is certainly when I'm reminded of it.

Charlotte is still on the slower side of talking.  The other day, she said her first full sentence, "where baby go?" Usually it's only one or two words. I was so excited I texted the family! She is getting a little better but still behind most kids her age, I feel. She has her two-year checkup on Tuesday and I will discuss it with her pediatrician. Even if she can have an evaluation done, I would feel more at ease. 

Charlotte is such a big help around the house. She knows how to throw away her trash, pick up her toys, bring her dishes to the sink, and help me with other things. It's so nice to have a child that can do things for them self. Not that I mind doing them, but it really shows me that she's learning and becoming self-sufficient. 

Nursery is a highlight. She loves seeing the new toys, her friends and singing time. Last week, she say through the entire so going time. I was thrilled! Josh and I are both nursery leaders and I'm sure that helps. Although, she doesn't really notice us unless we have to leave the room, for whatever reason!

For the most part, Charlotte is a good eater. Though, she is mine and Josh's child...she loves sweets!! Again, there are days that are better than others, but like I said before, I'm sure most mothers can identify with that.

Charlotte's birthday also represents more than just another year old. It represents the journey our little family went through, all the worry, all the stress, only to have the outcome of my pregnancy and delivery to go as smoothly as could be. It was a VERY uneventful pregnancy. Which is what we wanted. Charlotte's heart was found to be perfect! Everything the doctors told me how my delivery would go, never happened. I pushed that baby girl out in 20 minutes and it was the most pleasant experience from start to finish. Thank you Charlotte.  You are truly a miracle to your dad and me.  We love you more than we could ever write on any blog post or in any card.  We will continue each day to show our love to you. 

 This dress was made by my Grandma Sheila for her second birthday!  Thank you Grandma for all your time and hard work into these beautiful dresses!


  1. Maddy is not a great talker either! We are in the same boat!

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl!! She is so cute and that dress is adorable!!