Wednesday, February 12, 2014

These Boots Were Made for Walking...

Sunday, we learned that there would be a snow storm coming, so on Monday, Charlotte and I went to an indoor waterpark in Uptown.  On our way back (around noon), we stopped by Target to get groceries, and ever since then, we have been cooped up in the house (with an exception of cooking club last night).  It's Wednesday, and those of you who know me, know I don't do well not out and about.  It's a little difficult for me to entertain Charlotte ALL DAY without going to do something for a little bit.  Since we have moved, we have things we do during the week: Tuesdays-IKEA, Wednesdays-library.  This week hasn't been a whole lot going on.  Today I started feeling a little guilty that I haven't taken Charlotte out in the snow.  I know she does not enjoy the cold weather, the main reason I kept putting it off, but I thought, why not at least try!  My mom got her the cutest gold boots for Christmas; we ripped off the tags and got her all bundled up.  Soon as we opened the door, she gasped (like normal) at the cool air in her face.  We didn't get passed the front porch.  She was not amused at all.  And I've got the pictures to prove it...

I convinced her to touch the snow...
...and it's time to go back in!
She ran around just looking at her boots the whole time.
Since Josh is working from home today (due to the weather), we had to go back upstairs where we aren't a distraction.  I kept asking her if I could take her shoes off, and she would say "no" and run off.
(Lighting: I was playing with my flash. Still trying to get the hang of it.)  Charlotte's room is a mess, you say?  Yeah, she is ONE!  No Pinterest pictures here!
Love this face!

Can you tell she's been inside for so long? haha
She finally let me take them off for a nap...phew! 

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