Friday, January 24, 2014

California to North Carolina

Yesterday marks the three week mark of our time in North Carolina (no, I will not be counting every week) and I figure it was time to jot some thoughts down for myself and those of you who are wondering how we are doing.
  • Everyone is really nice.  It's true what they say.  Southern hospitality.  I almost get confused when people are nice and go out of their way to help me.  For example, my first week here I was buying french bread at the grocery store for dinner that night and the lady working there asked if she could slice my bread.  I asked if there was a charge and she looked at me strangely and said, "no."  Another example, the first time we went to the PB outlet, this couple just came up to me and started telling me they're expecting their first grandchild and so on.  They talked to me like we were BFF's for at least 15 minutes.  This kind of thing happens often...people love to talk to each other here.  Perfect!!  I love to talk too!!
  • I am loving our house.  Like, LOVE IT!  I am so glad we didn't go any bigger.  It is exactly what we need for our family and would even be great for an addition (not an announcement).  No, it's not our dream home, but that would totally overwhelm me at this point.  The space is used very efficiently (what Josh likes), there is plenty of space for Charlotte to play (her room and the loft), I have a TON of wall space to decorate (woohoo!) and we have plenty of space to entertain (when we get friends).  
  • Everyone is VERY put together.  I go to the mall...everyone looks great.  Even when I go to TARGET I feel like I can't even run in with sweats on.  In California people dress more carefree and even in workout attire most the time (and they look great), but here everyone is in an outfit...from the matching coat, to the jewelry, down to the shoes.  All the women's hair and makeup-PERFECT!  I have a lot to learn and really need to step it up.  Do I hear a shopping spree in the future? ;)
  • Jay Walking--never seen it so much in my life.  People are either too impatient to go up to the crosswalk or, well, yeah that must be it!  I have come close to hitting someone; luckily I didn't.  But seriously, we live in a very organized city, there are lines on the street for a reason.  This is no NYC!
  • When people find out we are from Orange County, they always ask, "why did you move here?"  Well, please don't ask me that right now (while the weather is freezing).   And, since everyone, especially at church, has a connection to southern California and always plays the "Do you know...?"   
  • We have had to find new things to do to take the place of Disneyland.  Our new favorites...library story time, IKEA on Tuesdays (Kids eat free), and exploring all the malls in the area (we still have one more to check out).  Once the weather gets warmer, we will be going to parks and doing lots of walking OUTSIDE!  Can't wait.  
  • Oh yeah, my favorite thing about Charlotte, in the first week I lived here, a guy asked me if I was a movie star.  As I stuffed my face with an Auntie Anne cinnamon pretzel bite, I responded NO.  HAHAHA.  Oh Charlotte, you know the perfect thing to say to me when welcoming me to your city :)   

We are enjoying our time here.  So far, so good.  No complaints (except my kitchen sink hasn't worked all day)!!

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  1. I love that your daughter's name is Charlotte and you now live in Charlotte!