Friday, November 8, 2013

Shannon's Baby Shower

Some of the things I am really going to miss are going to family get togethers.  The Neilson family is big and it's just getting bigger.  I feel like I am going to miss out on the upcoming additions and it makes me sad.  Thank goodness for blogs and other forms of social media and technology to keep me connected to my ever so growing family!  Last night was one of those gatherings that I just love.  Once again, Desiree wowed us all and put together another great baby shower!  It's so fun to get with my cousins and catch up on each others lives.  Even though we see each other often, we all are very busy with our own lives that it takes these parties to get all caught up!  It was so nice of Kaitlyn to play with Charlotte and even make her a bow! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I wasn't the "designated photographer" this time so I didn't really think of it.  We are excited for Rob and Shannon and ANOTHER baby!!
Aunt Jody, Patrice, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Grandma Connie, and Abby
Bow Bar.  Such a great idea!!
Charlotte wearing the bow that Kaitlyn made for her!
I didn't even notice, but Charlotte and I were matching.  It happens.
Melissa and Charlotte
Nicole and Patrice
Opening gifts.  That was my gift.  Shannon received some great gifts from everyone with adorable gift bags.  (I'm a bag hoarder.)
Pregnant cousins

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