Monday, November 18, 2013

In The Middle of Moving....

I went to Utah for five days!  I know there are some of you who thought I was crazy, but it was actually so fun and such a nice break (since I've been packing gradually for a while).  Charlotte and I had this trip planned since before we would be living in Utah for close to a month while Josh started work.  My parents wanted to see us one more time before we left.  Well, lucky them, get us a lot longer than that!!  I arrived last Monday night and came home Friday night.  I don't like being gone on the weekends away from Josh.  My mom and I shopped (house stuff) and I never made it to the outlets once!  I found that to be quite the accomplishment ;)  I was able to get together with some cousins and Josh's sister, Meg, do a craft and chit-chat.  It's always fun to see them.  We ate at the yummy Utah places (i.e. Kneaders, Shirley's, Cafe Rio (I know I have it here)).  Charlotte was in HEAVEN with BoBo the dog and all the kids.  She loved having other little people to play with.  She loved running around outside in the backyard.  One day, I hope to have that much space in a backyard for her, but soon as we move to Charlotte, I am on the prowl for a puppy to add to our family!  I didn't take the stroller to Utah, and it was so fun to have Charlotte walk through the stores and play with Grandma while all the other kids are in school everyday.  She loves her grandma and wants to be with her more than me! It will be fun to be with everyone before we make the trek back east/south.  


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