Saturday, October 19, 2013


Charlotte had her first (official) Trunk-or-Treat tonight.  In the LDS church, every Halloween season, each ward gets together for a party to see everyone's Halloween costumes, decorate their trunks and have a fun evening!!  Last year, Charlotte was not even two months old and didn't even have a costume and just slept.  So last year doesn't really count.  But this year I found a strawberry costume at Once Upon A Child in Connecticut and couldn't pass it up ($6.50!!).  The costume was a hit...especially since Charlotte is walking now! There were some other great costumes.  People really put a lot of thought into them.  Here are some pictures from the night!
Trying to take pictures before we left...
One last one with the head-piece on....
...and it's gone for the rest of the night!
Quite the turn out!!

 Charlotte and Fiona (kitty cat)

Charlotte and Emmy

Our decorated trunk!

Josh passing out candy.  We ran out and then was given more.  I underestimated how many people by only purchasing ONE bag, but the BIGGEST bag!

Charlotte is EVERYWHERE now.  She would not hold still for two seconds!
All the ward members Trunk-or-Treating!
Grant, from our Primary class, paid Charlotte a little visit.  The kids in our class love her!
Charlotte stealing Amanda's glow sticks (my visiting teaching companion)
Charlotte loved Amanda's dog!  She needs one!
This concluded such a fun day for us.  Starting at Disneyland for breakfast (my absolute favorite) and rode a couple rides.  Then headed to the Spectrum for lunch at Pieology and played some games at Dave and Busters.  Believe it or not, it was all Josh's idea!  He knows the way to my heart...being out and about and eating out!  I was in heaven with my two loves today making our way around Orange County!  Thanks for such a fun day. 


  1. Absolutely adorable!! I miss trunk-or-treating. Our ward just has our party in a big grassy field area and everyone just kind of sits/stands in a big long line for the trick-or-treaters, so we can't really decorate anything :/ Kind of lame.

  2. I love her costume!! Still can't believe she's a year old!