Thursday, October 17, 2013

Melissa's Baby Shower

Baby Dane is already one loved little boy!  Desiree put together a fantastic baby shower with the help of Melissa Martin (yes, there are TWO Melissa's!) for Melissa and soon-to-be Baby Dane!  I was pleasantly surprised to see all the detail that Desiree put into the gathering.  She really has an eye for event planning and there's no question why she is starting her own business!  There was detail in EVERYTHING!!  To the very smallest corners, water stands, and decorations.  It was all covered!!  I was the designated photographer (due to left cameras and non-working SD cards).  Since it's my blog, I will only post pictures that really pertain to me, but stay tuned for more pictures elsewhere, I'm sure!  Luckily, Josh got off early and picked up Charlotte on his way home from work. 
When Brady saw Charlotte, his eyes got big yelled, "Baby Charlotte!" ran over and gave her a big hug!

Grandma Connie and Aunt Lisa
Charlotte LOVES Aunt Lisa!
Amazing, creative food table- Nautical Theme
Grandma, Kari, and Nicole coloring pictures for the "ABC" book
My dessert- individual trifles.  I hope everyone liked them.  My first attempt.  I was very nervous.  Thanks Rach for guiding me.  I think they turned out okay!
The tail-end of mine and Tahnee's gift!  Baby Gap clothes...what a shocker!

The Two Melissa's
Kari and Nicole

Brady, Melissa, Darbi, and Aubree

Melissa and Desiree
The last of the partiers...
Thank you to Jim and Janice for opening your home.  All around, it was such a fun night.  Great food and company!!!   We all can't wait to meet Baby Dane!

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