Saturday, May 25, 2013

Perfect Day

Today I started out with my routine workout and then we all got ready and headed to Laguna Beach for our 9:30 reservation at Las Brisas.  Since we really didn't get to celebrate my birthday, this was to fulfill that!  Las Brisas is one of my favorite places to eat.  I go like every other year, so it's special each time.  Today we were seated right next to a window with the PERFECT view.  We were thrilled!  It was my cheat meal, so I went all out.  We decided we would eat a huge breakfast and then not eat til dinner (and that's exactly what we did).

After breakfast, we walked around the beach and found some hidden spots that we want to try as it starts to warm up.  The weather was so nice (too chilly to put on swimsuits), perfect to walk around.  After, we headed up to South Coast Plaza for a little home shopping.  And the rest of the day we've been hanging out at home.  A relaxing way to start our long weekend!!

Charlotte loves her daddy!
Have to take a family pic everywhere since they are outdated the next day because of how fast Charlotte is growing these days!!!
Charlotte started giving kisses, like, yesterday!  She just kind of falls in your face, but I love it!!

I just love that she is smiling at me after some loves!


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