Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Throughout our lives, we hit certain milestones that shape who we have become up to that point.  Yesterday, I hit a milestone.  As I have ventured on this journey of trying to become more healthy, I have reached a point where I can honestly say, I feel better now than I EVER have!  Yesterday, for Memorial Day, we went up to Los Angeles to hang out with our friends, the Taggarts.  We went up to UCLA to explore the campus.  While we were looking for a sculpture garden, we can to a hill that needed to be climbed.  Most people would think, not a big deal.  It was to the side of a parking structure and all paved.  But in my mind I just thought, oh no, not a hill!  But of course I am not going to say anything and be the whimp.  So we started on the hill....and finished the hill, without one huff or puff or one break!  I did it with ease.  It was so satisfying, knowing that I can really accomplish anything I want.  I had to record this moment.  I have been walking or tracting (as a missionary) and had to stop to take breaks or drinks of water or thought I couldn't go on; but this proved that I can go on.  I love where my life has headed.  I love working out and eating healthy.  Why haven't I started this earlier???  AND I am happy to say...down another pound!! 

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