Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three Years Ago...

Today marks one of the best decisions I've ever made--marrying Josh.  We have had a great past three years together.  Marriage is such a great thing.  I love being with Josh everyday.  He is my best friend.  Of course there are ups and downs in marriage. I feel like he is the only person I ever want to expereince my bad days with, my struggles, my overly emotional episodes.  He is so patient and is doing such a great job at learning each day how to handle living with TWO women ;)  Whenever I'm sick or have been in the hospital, he's the only one I want by my side.  He makes everything better.  Even if I'm upset (at usually something I've brought upon myself), I can't ever be mad too long because he is my favorite person and the only one I want to talk too.  On the other hand, we have so much fun together.  He makes me laugh and I find daily, he has a quirky side to him.  He encourages me to be the best I can, he believes in me, he wants the best for me and Charlotte.  He is such a positive person to be around.  I learn so much from him.  He truly is the perfect person for me.  I truly understand that phrase.  

Here is how our day was three years ago...
Complete Bliss
Here how our day was today...
Three hours at the DMV
Hidden surprises from Josh
Dinner at Downtown Disney, aquarium at the Quiksilver store, and beignets
I love you and look forward to eternity with you!



  1. Happy anniversary! You guys are awesome!

  2. Happy anniversary! You guys are the best!