Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Golden Birthday

Charlotte turned SEVEN months old on April SEVENTH!  Yeah, I'm a little late at the post, but better late than never...right??

Grandma Tylyn trying to get her to crawl

Hanging with Mommy

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Close Up!

My baby girl!!
Charlotte is now eating solids once a day and, when she's lucky, she gets little bites of Mom and Dad's meals :)  She is grabbing everything, even our keyboard keys!  She loves to stand, but isn't crawling yet.  She gets bored of "normal" toys and loves electronics and books (thank goodness).  She is being a little better at smiling at strangers, sitting in shopping carts, and her stroller without the car seat.  Everyday she is more and more fun to have around.  I love this little girl more than I had ever thought was possible.  I say it all the time, but she really is my BFF!  Love you Charlotte Lyn! 

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