Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Strong

I feel like it's my turn to say a few things about the Boston Bombings.  I have never been to Boston, but because it has a special place in Josh's heart, I feel like I share that love in some ways.  I will one day go and when I do, I will always think of what happened the day of the Boston Marathon 2013.  I just can't even believe if something like this happened where I live.  But this did happen to real people, right in their hometown.  It injured and killed people that had families and friends.  My heart aches for those who were affected.  I am just so sick of all this mass shooting, bombing or whatever it is these days.  Will we ever have answers?  Will this ever end?  How do we protect our children from the evils in our very own country? Obviously, I do not understand the mind of someone who does this.  I do not understand what goes on in their personal lives.  It makes me sad and sometimes I do live in fear.  But I know that we must be "strong" and I believe our country does a good job at uniting.  The United States isn't perfect, but we know how to come together in times of need.  
Today Josh and I showed our support and love for the people of Boston by wearing our only Boston appearal, our Red Sox shirts, as we walked the Mission Viejo Lake.  Stay strong Boston.  
Boston Strong.

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