Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another First...the BEACH!

Yesterday, Josh had the day off (Woohoo), so we decided to take advantage of the 80 degree weather and head down to San Clemente.  We stopped by Costco on the way and bought two beach chairs and an umbrella.  We just can't have Charlotte's perfect baby skin get burned.  It was such a fun day, just our little family.  The beach was not crowded, although, it was super rocky on the sand.  If anyone has suggestions of smooth sand beaches, please let me know! Of course going later in the afternoon, the sun is moving fast, so we kept having to adjust the umbrella because Charlotte would scoot her way to the sun.  She LOVED the sand, the train that kept going by, and just being outside.  She is so fun to take places because she is constantly wanting to explore her surroundings.  I am glad that she enjoyed the beach and I look forward to a whole summer full of days like yesterday!!



  1. Love her little smirk in the last picture

  2. Adorable swimsuit! Your blog looks so good, love the layout.