Sunday, September 2, 2012


Wow it has been a long time since I have updated the world on what has been going on.  I am totally slacking, but I have not been feeling well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Feeling well is relative.  I still feel fine, besides the fact that I am super huge and uncomfortable.  Also, the last few days, I have come down with some kind of cold.  Not fun!  Especially when I'm not sleeping anyway.  You like all that complaining?  Yeah that's all I'll do :)

Josh's first day of work
Josh got back this last week from training in Orlando and we have been staying at my mom's cousin's house.  It's been nice to have a little space and privacy and I can relax in the morning.  Josh has been enjoying this last week at work where he isn't assigned to any client, so he gets to study for the CPA for eight hours a day.  Jealous?  Not!  But it's nice for him.  He was getting worried he wouldn't have time to study, but being unassigned has been a blessing.  Next week, he has an assignment in Whittier (yuck!)! We also found out that he can't use paternity leave for a YEAR!  Big bummer!  He'll take off a few days when the baby is born and when his parents come into town.  Then in a year, we will be taking a two week vacation somewhere!

Some other things we have been up too...

Pageant of the Masters

Family pictures

Non-Stress Tests 

Played with these cuties

Tahnee and I babysat while my parents picked up Michael (mostly Tahnee)

Michael came home from Brazil

OC Fair

My mom has been making my throw pillows for my couch and guest bed

Still don't have a doctor or place of delivery...hopefully on Tuesday I will
Received our first grown-up paycheck
Trying to get everything ready for Chiquita's grand arrival
Went to our new ward today
Insurance has kicked in and the baby can really come at any time!!

Please refer to Tahnee's blog for more pictures and further insight!
Found this giant camping chair at the sporting good store in town
Family picture outfit...just doing a test run

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  1. I'm sorry you've been sick :( We've had a little bug going around as well. Let us know tomorrow if/when you will be induced!! CRAZY!! Btw, when Meg announced her engagement, somehow it didn't occur to me that you guys would be there WITH Chiquita!! She'll only be like a month old! Precious!! Can't wait to meet her and see you guys :)