Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving on...

First item of business, we finally got a move-in date!!! Saturday is the day we have been waiting for since we got here! It's been nice to save a months rent staying with my parents, but it's time to get house set up before the baby comes. If anyone wants to come help, feel free :) My dad and Josh will be moving everything over in he morning and then I'll go over later to arrange everything.

Next, what everyone has been asking...pregnancy! I went and met with a NEW doctor today and I'm a little worried. Everything he was talking about doing is opposite from what all the previous doctors had said. The only reason I want to deliver at St. Joseph's is because of my cardiologist. Anyone can deliver a baby but I need the whole team, not just an OB. But I still have some time because my cervix is "nowhere to be found." I haven't had any contractions besides Braxton Hix. The new doctor doesn't want me to be induced but I need to be so I have all the right doctors there and ready. Ahhh! I'm very frustrated and started crying in the doctors office. He didn't care at all. (An hour later...) I just got off the phone with my cardiologist and I told him I didn't feel comfortable with this new OB and he recommended I go back to Mission with Dr. Pan. Dr. Berdjis (cardiologist) lives in Mission Viejo and said if anything goes wrong he can be there in ten minutes. So I just called Dr. Pan and left a message in hopes I can get an appointment tomorrow or Friday. Let's hope she is willing to take me on! That is the latest. I'll let you know tomorrow what happens.


  1. So sorry you had to deal with that doctor today. He sounds like a total jerk.

  2. anxious to hear the latest doctor news! keep us posted!