Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Peek into the Whitmore's Home

We have been working really hard since the day we came home with Charlotte to get our apartment looking put together.  Last weekend, Josh and my dad painted the family room and baby/guest room.  It looks amazing.  While they were painting, my mom was busy sewing the baby bumpers for the crib (they look amazing!).  My parents have been a huge help in getting our apartment looking great.  Here are some pictures of what we are living in!

Family room couch and throw pillows my mom sewed together

Guest Bathroom

Finished kitchen table...Craigslist find

Oh yeah...remember wedding ring.  Yeah, still can't wear it :(
MamaRoo...Love this!
My side of the closet
                                          Josh's side of the closet (have you seen so many button-up shirts?)                                    
My best friend, the scale, telling me I only have seven pounds left of baby weight!

Shower curtain and cute shower hooks

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  1. yay! It looks great!! Looks like we'll have to visit sometime :)