Monday, April 2, 2012


I feel like I haven't been posting very exciting things...or maybe there are just a lot of important things and not enough everyday, normal things.  I thought I would let everyone know what we did over the weekend...

 (Sorry it's blurry)

Friday evening we went up to City Creek with Tahnee and Tyler.  Finally we got to see what all the hype was about!  Once we arrived, we were starving and just as luck would have it, we parked on the complete opposite side from where the food court was.  We were racing through the center trying to get to the food court and just passing everything.  When we got to the food court we were amazed.  Really?  A food court?  Yes!  It had every kind of food you could think of and as packed as it was, there was plenty of room to move around and plenty of seating.  The one complaint I have is that there is one bathroom and it was on the opposite side of where we were.  Not convenient for us pregnant ladies :)  After we ate, we were able to actually enjoy City Creek.  There are stores for everyone and every budget.  You had H&M and Forever 21 and then there was GAP and J. Crew and then Tiffany & Co.  Unfortunately, the sale racks haven't grown very much being brand new stores, so we didn't do any shopping.  And I didn't see any maternity stores...I told Josh to embrace these next several months where I can't shop as easily as I used too!  The Banana Republic was very impressive.  It's the same set up as the one in South Coast Plaza.  The Tiffany & Co (yes, we went in), was the smallest one I've seen.  But any will be small compared to the one in NYC.  It was hilarious to watch everyone go in, around the displays and back out.  It was like a single-file line.  But not me, I want to try the bling on!  I did find a ring I want...I can dream right?
We left and went to get ice cream (I was craving a root beer float) and Josh, being the voice of reason, suggested we share smart.  I was perfectly satisfied.  I feel asleep as soon as we got home.  I was beat!

Saturday, we went to Shawn and Lisa's to watch General Conference.  They were so nice to let us come over and be with their family both mornings.  Saturday, they made eggs and monkey bread and Sunday we had crepes!  Yum!!  General Conference was so great to listen too.  Saturday, I noticed a theme of families.  I don't know if it's because we are starting ours or if that was really the theme!  I also noticed a lot of talks on physical trials.  As hard as they are, I am grateful for having them.  After Saturday's morning session we went home so I could take a test (got an A!) and for Josh to get some homework done.  We turned on conference for the afternoon session and our TV was acting up :(  So we went for a walk, since the weather was amazing, and then went and got ice cream.  Later that night I had planned on going to dinner with Tahnee and my friend Brooke.  I left right after Josh went for a run.  Soon as we sit down for dinner, Josh calls and is locked out of the condo.  Luckily, the weather was good and he just sat outside and waited for me.  When I got back I was glad to see him chuckling and give me a hug.  Unfortunately, he missed Priesthood session of conference.  I felt bad and said we could go see a movie of his choice.

Sunday, we went to Shawn and Lisa's again.  While we watched conference, we decorated Easter egg-shaped cookies.  It was fun to be with them, Tahnee and Tyler and Tanner and Ali.  We really appreciate them letting us come over!! 

Then for the afternoon session, we went back home.  Josh needed to do some school stuff and we needed to get ready for the Whitmore gathering later that night.  For some reason, I had no energy during the second session of conference and could not keep my eyes open.  Then having to get ready...sheesh!  Luckily once we were out the door I was fine!  Josh, Meg and I were the "guests of honor" due to our graduation and baby announcement.  There were two other couples that are having babies too.  We received three separate Willow Tree Figurines.  I have two already and really want to start collecting them.

It was a lot of fun, and I was able to meet more Whitmore family members I have never met before.  I made a new friend, Alayna, and we just had a great time being with the extended family.  Thank you Connie for putting it all together and Geri and Lew for opening your home.  Thank you to everyone who gave us our gifts, we love them and I have already put them up in our home!!


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