Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Annica's Baby Shower

This weekend was my good friend, Annica's baby shower.  She is having a girl and naming her Madelyn.  Megan came as well and it always picks up right where we leave off with the three of us.

Background: Annica and Megan were roommates at BYU-Idaho and I lived in the unit under them.  Well let's just say I was with them more than my own roommates and even moved my mattress up at one point.  After Fall semester, Megan moved home and after mine and Annica's track was back on, we moved in together.  But the three of us have stayed in touch over the last NINE YEARS!!!  We can't be that old.

We have gone from this...
(Sick hair...)


And now Megan has two kids and me and Annica are both pregnant (you should be able to see my pooch and that's the last time I wear a belt like that) So fun!!

Thanks for being such great friends over the years.  It's always so fun to be with you two!!

P.S. I have a lot more pictures but nothing on my computer I could find at the time. 

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