Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Obsession...

I get into phases where I am obsessed with something.  Whether it be a couple days, weeks, months, whatever.  I get these ideas and it sticks.  Right now my latest obsession is eBay.  First of all, I have already made a ton of money selling things on eBay and secondly, I will never pay full-price for ANYTHING as long as there is the internet.  I'd like to show you my most recent eBay find that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas.  I love this J. Crew Bubble necklace but really...would I ever spend $150 on it?  No way!  Let's just say Eve got it for $15 on eBay!!  Yep, true story.  Are you converted yet??  I know many people want others to know they are spending a boat load of money on fashion, but I want people to know that I am so proud of NOT spending a lot!  It's so fun...more bang for your buck!  And I just won a bid for another J. Crew necklace (pictured) for $4.25!  Ahhhh!!   I love this website.  

Any of you have any great eBay finds??

Other discounted places I have enjoyed: Nordstrom Rack and outlet.  I am planning a trip to Last Chance in Phoenix, AZ (a discounted Nordstrom store).  Anyone else interested? Let me know.


  1. Dude, we've been to Last Chance a couple of times and that place can be a zoo. They have security holding people back while they restock each section.

  2. Are you really coming to Phoenix?!?! And man, you need to teach me your ways! I know nothing about eBay! MISS YOU GUYS!!