Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leggo my Eggo

Since I was in kindergarten up until my senior year of high school, I ate two eggo waffles every morning for breakfast.  You're probably wondering, "and you never got sick of them?"  Nope!  I still love them...but the calories and cost keep me from purchasing them still.  Why the post about waffles?  Well, allow me to explain.  On Monday, I was talking to my friend Hannah, and she mentioned that she had four eggo waffles that morning for breakfast.  I got really excited.  Someone else who shares a love of Eggos like me!  I also told Hannah that I have a certain way of eating them.  Yep, that is a fact.  Then in my Ethics class, an hour later, we were talking about OCD people.  I realized that I am OCD with my waffles by the way I make and eat them.  I toast them, turn them upside down (duh, it tastes better), put (real) butter and (real) syrup on (remember how I mentioned the calories-now you know), microwave that for 20 seconds, poor a cold glass of milk, and I'm ready.  The way I eat them...Count up two rows, cut it off, then cut in half, eat, drink milk, then eat the other end-just the last row, then I have four middle rows left.  Cut them in half, so there are two rows each, then cut each row into three sections, eat the ends first and end up with the two very middle pieces of the waffle.  Drink milk.  I know...I'm an OCD freak!!  I can't really think of anything else I am like this with.  And I've been eating them this way for a very long time.  And I prefer the Buttermilk style ;) Anyway, that's a big into my personal weird self!

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  1. I get on Eggo kicks quite often. I've probably gone through about 10 boxes in the past few months. I have 3 or 4 every morning, depending on my hunger. And I have to have it with a big glass of milk. I eat them a specific way too. I only put syrup on 3 of my 4 waffles, since they get too syrupy and then I cut my bites around the edges so I just have the middle of the eggos left, that last bite of soft middle eggo is the best! I prefer homestyle...but it's probably because that's the only kind I've ever bought.

    Oh, and Ryan teases me for my love of Eggos saying that they are for kids. He laughs every time he sees me eating them.