Monday, November 14, 2011


Today at work, I was G-chatting with Melissa and she was telling me all about her BIRCHBOX.  It got me really excited to receive mine.  When I got home and checked the mail, there it was!!  Let me take you step by step ;)

 This box arrived in the mail.  Smaller than I thought, but still so excited.
 After I opened it, here was my beloved (and official) BIRCHBOX!  Anxious to see what's inside? So was I!!
 Whitening toothpaste, lip plumper, Kate Spade fragrance, and nail polish
There is also a price sheet enclosed that shows how much each product is when it's a full-size item. 

You ready to order yours? Do it here.

I am satisfied and feel like the $10 each month will be well worth it.  I told Melissa I wish they came every week!!  Waiting another month is going to feel like forever.  I am a cosmetic freak, so has been very exciting waiting for and receiving.  I also just order this product from Sephora and am so excited to get it (hopefully this week).  I also ordered free samples and a couple other things.  I'll post why a little later :) 

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