Thursday, May 26, 2016

Turning 31

When I turned 30, I had kind of a hard time accepting that I was THIRTY.  But this year, turning 31, I decided to change my perspective around and consider myself super lucky that I was getting older instead of the alternative...dead!  I have a lot to be thankful for and turning 31 is definitely up there!!

My mom and Annie came the week of my birthday!!  

We ate lots of yummy food, did some home improvements, and had late night karaoke/dance parties.  

Just a pic on the way to preschool!

A favorite donut shop I always take my family to is DaVinci's.  I won't say how many times we went, but if you lived close by, you'd be going all the time too! ;)

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, we started the morning by going out to breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe, going to Home Depot to buy a drill and went home to hang up all my pictures around the apartment!! When we went to pick up Charlotte from ballet, we were able to watch her entire recital performance.  It made me sad that I wouldn't be watching the real thing, but it was still sweet and I had to hold back the tears.  I just can't believe she is my child.  It's amazing!!

After we picked Charlotte up, we headed to Sprinkles for Sprinkles sundaes.  If you haven't had them, they are pretty much heaven in a paper cup!!

I am so boring, but every birthday I always choose Cheesecake Factory.  We are such chain people but I love their menu, the brown bread and the cheesecake!!!  See, I told you we ate lots of great food!

Grateful my hubby could sneak away and come to dinner with us!

That night, Annie helped me out with a LuLaRoe birthday giveaway for my Instagram account.  I don't know if you can watch the video, but if not, click here.  

During the week, my mom also painted a little half wall with chalkboard paint.  I attempted, but my first stroke ended up BAD!!  So she did it all.  Thank goodness for moms!!!

It was really nice having them here, especially for my birthday.  Josh has been super busy lately and it would have been a sad week if I didn't have company!!  Thanks for coming, Mom and Annie.  It's always a party!!

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