Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I returned home from Nashville the night before Mother's Day and I was so excited to see my baby girl and Josh.  I woke up to a yummy breakfast and some fun gifts!!

Charlotte made me a plate at preschool, which we have displayed on an easel.  

Josh bought me an Apple Watch as my Mother's Day and Birthday gift.  I've been wanting one since they came out.  They are so worth every penny.  I love not having to carry around my phone!

Charlotte and I wore matching LuLaRoe dresses to church, which everyone loved.  I am taking advantage of these years she wants to match me!!  I am so grateful for this family of mine.  I love them more than I can express.  I love being a mom more and more every day.  Some days may be more tough than others, but each day I learn more.  It's crazy to think that my love for these two can get stronger, but it does.  Every day! Being a mother and this family of mine is my greatest achievement!!  

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