Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thoughts on North Carolina

I thought I would sit down tonight and write down my thoughts on how this move has been and currently is.  
At first, the sound of moving to Charlotte was so exciting.  I applied Josh for the position he eventually took, I did the research in the housing market...never thinking that it would really happen.  At least so quickly! I thought I would live in southern California forever, or for a while.  But Josh had other plans!
We left Orange County without a tear.  Is that horrible?  I cried a ton when we left Provo, but not where I grew up?  We were ready for a life of financial freedom!!  Woohoo!!
The move took place over the holidays and Josh and I were apart for too long.  He had to start training and I stayed at my parents house in Utah.  I am pretty sure this is what resulted in Charlotte's one-nap-a-day.  The whole time I was so excited to get to my new house that we had already purchased and were to close on the last day of the year, before we even moved in (which we will NEVER do again).  
Once we arrived, it was fun and exciting...for about a week.  Then everything set in and I acted like a teenager whose life was over.  I was super depressed because it was freezing (Polar Vortex sound familiar?) and I didn't know what to do besides stay home.  Luckily, there is a Target and huge shopping center about a mile from my front door.  I went there a lot.  I had a lot of decorating to do.  We had to buy furniture, sell furniture, paint, put blinds up, get our backyard set up, and the list goes on and on.  First of all, we didn't realize how much money a NEW house demands.  And we have a townhouse.  I can't imagine having to set up a single-family house!  I had my moments where I loved living here and starting our new life and then I had more moments where I just wanted to live back in my two-bedroom apartment in the sunshine.  I was all over the place, as you can imagine.  Poor Josh.  I put on a good face out in public, for the most part.  What was the ultimate turning point?  My trip to California in May.
I had been looking forward to this trip literally, since I found out we were moving.  I couldn't wait to come back and see everyone and go to Disneyland and the beach and hang out in all my favorite places.  Well, the trip was so much fun and all the wedding festivities kept me super busy.  Going to Disneyland with Charlotte (for the 98th time) was also a blast!!  But the entire week was overcast and I didn't do anything (besides Disneyland) that I couldn't do in Charlotte.  I was going to lunch with friends, going shopping at the mall, doing Target runs, going back to the house for Charlotte to take a nap, you get the point.  It was such an eye opener.  Since I arrived back home, I have tried to have a better attitude.
NOW, I am loving my life.  I love the life that Josh and I are creating for our family.  There are lots of things to do here in Charlotte.  We go to the waterpark frequently, we are exploring the city and surrounding towns, we enjoy the different libraries, we go shopping, and hang out with our friends...things we would be doing in whatever city we lived in.  Sure the weather isn't Orange County and it rains more than I like, but whatever.  For us, it has turned out to be such a great experience so far.  There are so many things that have happened since we have arrived.  Charlotte is a little spit-fire and keeps us on our toes constantly.  She has done the most memorable things since we have been here.  I have become a true stay-at-home mother, rarely leaving the house, unless I really need too.  I have learned so much about myself as well.  I am trying new things...painting my own nails, using the Dave Ramsey envelope system, stay home more and be productive where it matters, and other things that will bore you.  I love being a mother to Charlotte.   She is teaching me new things daily, especially patience.  She makes me laugh so much everyday.  Charlotte truly has become my BFF and I hope it's that way our whole life!  We have made some great friends, that Charlotte adores!!  What a blessing friends are when you are so far from family!  
As much as I struggled when we first got here, I truly feel like Charlotte is my home and I know that feeling will just increase the longer I'm here.  Of course I miss the family get-togethers and seeing everyone frequently, but for our family, we wanted to be our own, be independent and really challenge ourselves.  Every family is different and you have to do what's right for you!  I have a feeling we will be here in CLT for a long time.  Whether we are or not, or if we move somewhere else, I feel like this move has showed me I can live just about anywhere!  I can't wait to see what Charlotte has in store for us! 
Pics from the weekend:
Friday- Brusters
Saturday- ImaginOn (squished face)
Sunday- Nursery


  1. Oh I'm so glad it's feeling like home!! I would LOVE to come visit sometime! See you Saturday!!

  2. Well, I am personally glad you moved to Charlotte. You have made our time here much more enjoyable. I love getting to know you and you help me get out more!! Here is to more adventures and exploring this awesome city.