Sunday, January 19, 2014

House Tour Sneak Peak

I have had many requests for pictures of our new home and I am now just getting to it.  Let me preface, that nothing is painted or decorated yet.  I don't want to put anything on the walls until we have painted, but I don't want to rush looking for a paint color.  If you recall my last paint choice was very bold and bright...we are thinking about being a little more subtle in this house.  
I have pictures of what it looks like now, but things will be changing as we get more furniture (beds), paint, pictures and decorations up.  So don't expect too much right now ;)  
Charlotte's Room:

Laundry Room (upstairs):

Charlotte's/Second Bathroom (upstairs-biggest bathroom):

Kitchen (minus the sink full of dishes):

Guest/Downstairs bathroom:

Craft/Downstairs bedroom closet:


The Master Bed (still need more pillows and the actual bed will be here in March):

The Loft:

 The dining area:

That is a little peek into what is going on in our home right now.  I'm crossing my fingers this week we pin some paint colors down and get busy!  


  1. Okay - is your couch a PB Turner? If so, do you like it? I want to buy the armchair but I don't have any PB's by me and I hope it's comfy! It looks like it is!

    Adorable house by the way.

    1. Yes it is and we love it! We've been looking at it for over a year and since we have the outlet close by, we were able to get it from there! I highly recommend it. Next time you're in SLC go to the PB there and test it out!