Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not-a-Stay-At-Hom Mom

I never am at home! And I like it that way. I am always up for a fun day out with my bestie, Charlotte. Today I noticed that Sprinkles had a buy one, get one free so I thought, that's where we will go today. Luckily for us, Josh doesn't work too far away so we went and got a cupcake for me and him (red velvet and salted carmel) and then met him during his lunch hour. Charlotte loves her daddy and loves to get loves from him. She closes her eyes and laughs. Perfection! After, Charlotte and I went back to Fashion Island for a few hours just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather. Love days like this. The house is a mess but who cares?! ;)

On a side note...Charlotte is teething right now so she isn't happy unless she is chewing in her finger or eating. It makes me so sad :( Once we got home, I tried some Tylenol and it has worked like a charm.

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