Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want to Play a Game of Monopoly?

Ok so this might be really lame, BUT if there are any of you who are playing the Monopoly game at McDonald's listen up!  So today I got a medium coke (it's going to be a long day) and of course got two Monopoly pieces.  I got to work and got several pieces from my boss.  I am going to name the pieces I NEED and see if you have any, especially those in CA (maybe they split up the pieces in different states).  I'll totally split the prize with whoever has the winning piece!

#328- Spa gift certificate!
#336- $100,000
#340-Nissan Leaf-don't know how we'll split this one!
#342-$1,000,000-can you imagine splitting this one?  Yeah baby!!!
#346-EA Sports trip-I'll take you with me ;)
#321-$50- we can all use some extra cash (even if it is $25)
#330-Beaches Resort Vacation-again I'll take you with me.

These are all the pieces I need...the WINNING pieces!  Comment and let me know.  We will have a lot of fun on a trip or shopping til we drop with our million dollar prize!!  I feel like I am trying to find the golden ticket!!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Girl you are crazy! I just went to McDonalds and I was like "hey I gotta compare these to Tiershas blog." So I did. I thought we had won $50,000 for a second... but alas I have #322 and you need #332... bummer... I could really use 25 grand.