Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Yesterday was Easter and Josh and I finally took a picture together! We started off the morning by seeing what the Easter Bunny brought us, followed by delicious waffles topped with whipped cream!

Then we got ready for church and taught Sunday School. And then when we came home, I studied for finals.

At 5:00, we were invited to Tahnee's in-laws to celebrate her 22nd birthday. It was a great meal and amazing dessert!!

I wished we could have been with the Neilson's while they blessed Rhys and Brady and everyone got together, but we are leaving WEDNESDAY for California!!!! We are so excited!!! I can't wait to see everyone and have my family sealed together...again! We will also be celebrating our one year anniversary...where did the time go?!?!


  1. I LOVE your outfit!!! I want it! That's such a great skirt :) And how crazy that you guys are headed to CA on Wednesday!!! How exciting! Miss you guys!

  2. Please say you guys are stopping by St George on your way home on Wednesday! Come on! You know I'm your favorite cousin! : ) p.s. Happy Easter!